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Just as wildflowers grow beautifully when left to nature, our fertility is a part of the naturally beautiful design of our bodies. When we understand our fertility we realize what a beautiful gift it is to live with!

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Wildflower NFP

Wildflower NFP teaches the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning. The Marquette Method of NFP was developed by scientists at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. It is a research-based, fertility monitoring method that integrates urinary hormone levels, a scientifically derived algorithm, and other biological indicators of fertility. The Marquette Method of NFP is  99.4% effective for couples that always carefully follow instructions.

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Simple and Objective, for Confidence in NFP

The Marquette Method of NFP involves a simple urine test to test your hormone levels. It's quick, easy, and becomes a habit like brushing your teeth. Use of the fertility monitor to measure hormone levels gives you objective information about your body so you can be confident in your observations and learn about your body and your health.

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My Goal is to help you learn about your health through the window of your fertility. To help you learn to live with the gift of fertility in a way that empowers you and gives you freedom.

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